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William Gehring

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 1082792

(407) 455-6873

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About William

William Gehring has been in the mortgage industry since 2000. He has lasted through all of the ups and downs in the industry because of his integrity and his ethics. As a loan officer and Manager at PMC Lending he was known as the man who gets things done. His motto is make it happen! He consistently ran the top sales team in the company in loan production and was always very humble. Over the 10 years he was there he managed and closed over 100 million dollars in loans. He brings all of this experience to Equity Prime Mortgage.

If you get the pleasure of meeting and working with William you will see right away why he has had so much success. He is fun to talk to. He is fun to work with and makes everyone around him better.


Thank you for your quick communication and for providing me excellent information regarding my loan options. You truly are a great loan officer and a great friend.



I checked in with Todd Lisak yesterday and he and his wife are very happy in their new home. I appreciate the good communication with you and your responsiveness on that rather complicated transaction of a bank-owned property.

I did get your email about the bond money and have sent it to a couple who asked me about some down payment help recently. They are not quite ready to move, yet, and their life just got very complicated with parents and kids, so it will be a while for them. I will keep it in mind and spread the word around the office.

I do appreciate knowing about the quick commitment letters, that will be helpful with sellers concerned about buyer’s ability to qualify.

Carol Charvet, Realtor

I am writing to thank you for your professionalism and assistance in getting a great rate for me on my home loan. As a result of your diligence, I was able to get one percentage point less on my loan, than what my bank and credit union were offering me. Thereby, saving me tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you again for what you did for me and my family.

Eric Sochocki Ed.D.

Thanks for all your help on this going thru quickly and as planned. It really is a lovely house and Regina will surely enjoy it!

Maybe will work together in the future.

William supported me all the way and walk me through the entire process him and kashem did a great job
Jonahan Javier Jimenez Ruiz

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